HOG Chapter Information

Know your ABCs
Knowing your HOG® benefits should be like knowing your ABCs. Take, for instance, the ABCs of Touring … it’s not as if any of us really need an extra incentive to ride. But there’s something thrilling about exploring the back roads and happening upon a town that begins with the letter “Z”. It’s the little discoveries that make riding so fulfilling. Not to mention, all the great prizes you could win.

It doesn’t take much to take part in the ABCs of Touring. All you do is collect photos of yourself and your Harley® holding a current edition of Hog Tales® in front of “official” signs for various entities – cities, counties, states, countries, etc. – and you could be eligible for great prizes. Check your HOG Membership Manual for more details on how to take part, or visit National HOG.

Joining a chapter…
Joining a chapter is an optional part of your HOG membership. However, you must be a national member of Harley Owners Group® to join a local HOG Chapter. All HOG chapters are sponsored by an authorized Harley-Davidson dealer or retailer.

If you are not a member of the Dillon Brothers HOG Chapter, see our membership page for more information and a membership form, or contact our Membership Officer.

Membership Email Issues
If you are a member and you are having issues with receiving Chapter emails and you use Cox email, here is a document with some suggestions